I like to call it, “eclectic”

Being creative for other people is one thing…being creative for your own event is just plain stressful! Most people think that being a designer would mean that I would easily be able to create paper goods for my own wedding. You would think I would be able to whip out an invitation suite in a days time. That’s exactly what I thought until I actually sat down to start sketching.

My mother used to say that she loved shopping with me because I loved everything. I would pick up a shirt and say, “I love this!” I would grab a purse off the rack and say, “Mom, this is amazing! I have to have it!” My taste is all over the place that it makes it challenging to pick a direction, but even more challenging to stick with it.
The image attached in this blog in the direction I have chosen to stick with for the wedding. There are other pieces that go along with the invite, however I’ll leave those a secret for now.
Until next time…

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